South Central Pennsylvania is located in the heart of the east coast. Our transportation network includes a vast network of highways, freight rail, passenger rail, and transit infrastructure. Our key highways link many of the large cities and allow for freight and people to move across the larger region.


Passenger Rail

  • Amtrak – provides high speed rail service from Harrisburg to New York on the Keytone line with stops in Middletown, Elizabethtown, and Lancaster within our region. Amtrak also runs the Pennsylvanian which provides service between New York and Pittsburgh which also has stops throughout our region.

Bus Service

Commuter Services

Commuter services provides support to those that wish to use trains, buses, carpooling, walking, or bicycling as their primary method of transportation for work. Programs are aimed at encouraging traffic reduction and the adoption of transit options in the region. This organization provides incentives for individuals to choose transit as well as providing emergency ride options and education about how to access transit services.

Freight and Cargo


The region is served by two class 1 railroad operators that maintain 5 rail yards within the region. Additionally, there are several smaller short-line rail systems that service specialty industries and communities.


Harrisburg International Airport is the primary air cargo facility within the region. In the fall of 2021, they announced a $64 million air cargo facility expansion that will include new air side ramps for freight planes as well as a modern cargo facility to be built on site at the airport.