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Rock Street, San Francisco

Starbucks Corp. has found something of a home in the York area since opening a roasting facility there 21 years ago.

Now, the coffee giant plans to expand its operations in York, saying “there’s no better location to continue to grow our business and create jobs and economic development.”

The Seattle-based company, which has nearly 24,000 locations worldwide, has announced it will expand its distribution center in East Manchester Township, York County, and add 300 new full-time jobs over the next three to five years, the company said.

“As we looked at our long-term growth plans for the business, and the current demands for distribution at scale, we needed to invest in additional capacity,” Jim Wells, vice president of distribution and supply chain operations for Starbucks, said in a news release.

The addition of more than 1.2 million square feet of space will make York the largest Starbucks distribution center in the world when it is fully operational in mid-September, the company announcement said.

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Post Author: Melissa Stone