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Rock Street, San Francisco
women entrepreneurs

Thursday December 10, 2020 Noon – 1:30pm

Topics will be discussed amongst a group of diverse women who have found success both starting a business and navigating the business world. Women who have overcome the unique challenges presented by being a woman in a male dominated field. Hear about how they overcame any roadblocks and obstacles in their careers.

The event will be moderated by Tiffany Tavarez, the Vice President of Community Relations at Wells Fargo Bank. Speakers will include:

  • Senator Camera Bartolotta of the Pennsylvania Senate, 46th District, and founder of Duke of Oil, a quick lube business in the Mon Valley.
  • Itha Cao, Senior Civic Innovation Specialist at the City of Pittsburgh and Chef and sole owner of The Hungry Cao, which offers Chinese cooking classes and private events with the dual mission of elevating the standing of ethnic Chinese cuisine in Pittsburgh and fundraising for a local social justice cause/organization.
  • Nabila Taha, currently retired, but previously founded Taha Actuaries & Consultants, the first actuarial firm headed by a woman in the Middle East and one of few in the world.
  • Grace McGregor, VP of Strategy and Operations for McGregor Industries, her family’s business, which has been doing business for over 100 years!

Post Author: Shaun Donovan