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women entrepreneurs

This webinar will cover available resources for women entrepreneurs in Pennsylvania. Invited organizations will be making a brief presentation about resources they have available. This will be followed by a question and answer period. This is a great resource for women either currently running a business or considering a business start-up in Pennsylvania. Some of the resource presenters include the US Small Business Administration, Pennsylvania Department of General Services, Pennsylvania Commission for Women, Pennsylvania Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship, and more.

Topics of Discussion

Counseling Services: Learn what services each organization provides including various counseling resources to assist women entrepreneurs with problems they may encounter.
Woman-Owned Business Certification: Learn how to certify as a woman-owned business as well as the advantages that come with the certification.
Funding: Learn how each organization fits into the funding environment. Learn what resources are available and how to take advantage of them.
Government Contracting: Learn what opportunities are available as a government contractor. Several organizations are deeply involved with assisting woman-owned businesses obtain government contracts.
Professional Services: Learn what resources are available to woman-owned businesses including market research, tax, legal, accounting, and various others.
Open Discussion: The forum will be opened to the audience so please bring any questions that you have, regardless of the topic.

There is no fee to participate in this webinar. You need to register in advance using the link below. More information about the event and the full panel of speakers is also available using the link below.

This seminar is being hosted by the Pennsylvania Commission for Women and the Pennsylvania Business One-Stop Shop.

Post Author: Melissa Stone